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Date 22 June till 29 August

795 USD Per Person – Minimum 3 pax and more



Below you could see some of famous historical place’s photos which located in different cities of Iran

  • Tehran
  • Shiraz
  • Isfahan
  • Yazd
  • Kashan
  • Tabriz

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Gashttour is a private Tour Operator have established in 1989. The company is aoutherized by the Iran Touring &Tourism organization (ITTO) No 45/458 and is a member of the Iranian Inbound Tours committee (IITC).

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    Iran Gashttour travel and tour Agency has been awarded 4 times 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017   by Iran Tourism department as  the highest profile in Iran for attracting  highest number of tourists and best services in Iran !  

  • Iran Gashttour History

    Iran Gashttour is a private Tour Operator have established in 1989. The company is aoutherized by the Iran Touring &Tourism organization (ITTO) No 45/458 and is a member of the Iranian Inbound Tours committee (IITC).

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    Iran Gashttour Travel and Tour provide your services for Cultural tour, Trekking, Desert, Nomad, Damavand, Tradition Music tour and International Exhibitions. In addition, Gashtour Agency has optional tour .

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    At Gashttour, we have a highly qualified team fully conversant with operational methods applicable to Iran . Besides, Iran Gashttour has professional tripadvisors to advice for your destination.


Gashttour is a private Tour Operator established in 1989. The company is authorized by the Iran Touring &Tourism organization (ITTO) and is a member of the Iranian Inbound Tours committee (IITC).

Mr AliReza Ghajar , the manager of Gashttour  provide highly qualified team fully conversant with operational methods applicable to Iran. We are able to organize a wide variety of tours for individuals and tour groups.

Iran Gashttour travel agency in recent years has attracted the highest number of non Iranian guests.

It offers the best services in Iran tourism private sector and has been awarded the highest profile in Iran for 4 years ( 2013 , 2014 ,2016 ,2017 ) .

Dear Mr Honari

We just wanted to say a very big thank you for organizing such a wonderful trip for us in Iran.

We all had an amazing time and are very happy to recommend Iran and Gashttours.  Apart from the spectacular sights, our guide, Mr Hamedi made the whole trip so enjoyable and we would also like to thank him for ensuring we had such a memorable time.

We hope to return one day and look forward to contacting you again.

With very best wishes

Nicky and Louis de Courcy Wheeler and Anne McNaughtan

Dear Anooshirvan

We have just completed our 16 day tour of Iran. As you know, in the end, we were only a small group of seven. However, it was a most enjoyable journey.

I have been very happy with the tour we organized and the arrangements you made. I know you received a report from Letitia and below is another, from one of the men in the group.

At this stage I think I may have others interested in a tour next year (2018) and will work with Anita on that as well.

Kindest regards

Peter Roennfeldt


in an overall view we enjoyed the trip very much. The Iranian people are very kind and friendly. We have seen so many interesting and beautiful things, incredible artpieces from Before Christ and wonderful tilework in so many mosques, etc. A.C. An adventure also were the visits of the bazars.

Our Guide was Alireza Razaghzadeh, the name of the busdriver was Machmut (?). The latter was really excellent in all situations, which were difficult at times. On some days he had to drive many hours, we admired his strength and patience.

Ali, the guide was a very friendly man, always helpful and his organization talent was great, everything functioned very well. His knowledge of the German language needs to be improved. We missed him telling us things about the country IRAN, way of life, family, agriculture, working conditions, possibilities of education, etc. About the history of the country he was very well informed and told us a lot.

I am sure I will recommend a visit to Iran to all my friends.

Agnes Bischoff, Germany


Significant part of our trip was moving between cities, so it was essential to have secure driver and comfortable microbus. We were very happy to have ____ (Имя водителя) as our driver. He showed himself as a high quality professional with smooth driving skills, as well as a good and interesting person.

Microbus was comfortable so that we all join our long ride.


During our trip, we have moved between five different hotels. Each hotel was hospitable, comfortable and had a good location, breakfasts were tasteful, and rooms were clean and cozy. However, some people in our group had problems with WiFi connection in their rooms in Yazd Hotel.


We find Iranian food tasteful, all products are fresh and natural, however you do not have too many options to choose from. Most of all we enjoyed kebab and shaurma.


We have visited the most famous sights in each city we have been in and enjoyed beautiful Iranian nature and architecture, street cleanliness, and hospitality of Iranian people. We liked historical sights like Persepolis, cultural places like ethnic games and beautiful buildings of mosques and palaces.


Our guide Mirzad was the best part of the trip. He is deeply in love with his job and his country, and it inspires people around him to love it too. He did best to satisfy all our needs, answered to all our questions, showed every sight in our program and sometimes even beyond it so we can fully join our trip. Anything we ask, from some special souvenirs to national food, he found in few minutes, he was guiding us all the time until we got into the airport to be sure everything is okay. He showed himself as a responsible top professional and we highly appreciate his guidance. Thanks to him we were very happy to visit your country.

General comments

We enjoyed our stay in Iran and hope to come back in the future.

Sincerely, Bevz Pavel Anatolyevich

Dear Amir  Banan,

Thanks for your    e-mail   , and your   kind  support .

I spoke   with the   tour leader   , everything  was  o.k  , and thank you very much  for your support and services .

She   told me that  the guide and   the driver   were excellent   , also   she   propose to have    these  persons  every  time  .

The   meals  was  very  good  as  she  could    choice  dinner at the hotels  or at the restaurants  , and   buffet  style .


Dora Damaskinou