Climbing DENA 10 Day / 9 Night Code: GA:19

In this tour package a team of professional climbers will accompany you as guide.


Day 1: Tehran
Arrival at Tehran Airport, transfer to hotel and rest. O/N Tehran.

Day 02: Tehran- Shiraz

 After breakfast we will visit Archaeological & Islamic art Museum, the most famous museum in west of Asia where you'll view a collection of ancient Persian civilization heritages and artifacts from 7000 years ago. Afternoon we go to Jewelry museum, a collection of 3000 years jeweler masterpieces which are astonishing. Then transfer to airport and fly to Shiraz. O/N Shiraz.


Day 03:Shiraz- Si Sakht

In the morning drive to Si-Sakht via Yasuj. Then trek to foothills of Dena, the highest Iran south west mountain covered by oak and wild pistachio. O/N camp, in individual tents beside fire of nomads.

* You can go back to Yasuj to stay at hotel during night.


Day 04: Si Sakht Bijan Pass

We will go to Bijan Pass. Then trekking and Climbing. O/N Camp.


Day 05: Trekking & Mountain Climbing

Morning we will wake up at dawn to listen to the sound of nature, then in heart of oak woods we continue toward Si-Chani spring. O/N Camp.


Day 06: Trekking-Yasuj

After trekking around Si- Chani spring, we'll drive to Yasuj. O/N Yasuj.


Day 07: Yasuj-Shiraz

 Drive back to Shiraz. In the Evening we will visit tombs of Hafez & Saadi, two great and famous poets of Iran. O/N Shiraz.


Day 8: Shiraz- Persepolis- Necropol-Shiraz
This is a day for discovering the history of this ancient country. We leave early to visit the ancient city of Persepolis, a magnificent palace complex dates back to Achamenian Time (559 - 330BC). The palaces were built by hands of free Artists & workers not slaves and served as temple palace for manifestation of Norooz in New year ceremonies. Then Necropol which was the Achamenian kings' necropolis, the place of four great Achamenian kings tombs. Return to Shiraz and visit Qoran gate. O/N Shiraz.


Day 09: Shiraz-Tehran
We will visit Eram and Naranjestan Gardens, Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, Khan Theological School and Vakil complex. At night fly to Tehran. O/N Tehran.


Day 10: Tehran - Departure
Transfer to Tehran Intl. airport for your return flight.


* This tour can be extended according to your order to fly to Isfahan or Yazd.



This mountain range with 60 km length is located on 30.52- 31.15 north latitude and 51.09- 51.36 east longitude orbit and is a part of the people's culture of Kohkiluye and Boyerahamd.
The central and North Western parts of Dena range from Bijan defile to the meeting point of Bashar and Khersan rivers are safe guarded. Their width is 1000 hectares.
This mountain range has a beautiful view. The mountaineers who have visited Alps say that Dena mountain range and Alps are very similar.
The summits of Dena mountain range are as follows:
ROW PEAK HEIGHT Period in day for slow climbing
1 Pazan Pir 4280 m 2.5
2 Rambaseh 4200 m 2
3 Tapoo 4150 m 2
4 Qash-e-Sorkh 4100 m 2
5 South Novel 4100 m 2
6 North Novel 4150 m 1.5
7 Kal Kharman 4190 m 1.5
8 Namak 4050 m 1.5
9 Barf Kermoo 4100 m 1.5
10 Bard Atash 4000 m 2
11 Si Chani 4100 m 1.5
12 Howz Dal 4250 m 1.5
13 Hara 4150 m 1.5
14 West Karasmi 4150 m 2
15 East Karasmi 4170 m 1.5
16 Bijan1 (Mash) 4300 m 1.5
17 Kapiri 4200 m 2
18 Bijan2 (Borj-e-Asemani) 4370 m 2
19 Qezel Qeleh 4300 m 2
20 Heram 4270 m 2
21 Qebleh 4050 m 2
22 Key Khosro 4050 m 1.5
23 Bijan3 (Qach Mastan) 4412 m 1.5
24 Moorgol 4400 m 2
25 Pazanak(West Moorgol) 4300 m 1.5
26 North Moorgol 4050 m 1.5
27 Kal Gardel 4200 m 2
28 Tal Gardel 4200 m 2
29 Lokoreh 4250 m 2
30 Pootak(Central Lokoreh) 4370 m 2
31 North Howz Dal 4050 m 1.5
32 Ab Espid 4070 m 1.5
33 Qalat Bozi 4250 m 2
34 Istgah 4200 m 2
35 Kal Asad(Ahram lokoreh) 4100 m 1.5
36 Khersan 4100 m 2
37 Ab Sepah 4170 m 2
38 Kal Chal Voli 4250 m 2
39 Kal Noqrei 4200 m 2
40 Kal Sheida 4250 m 2
41 Kal Bolbol 4200 m 2
42 Kal Qodveis 4280 m 2

Climbing Program 

Day 01: Drive or fly from Tehran to Shiraz, visit the city and its historical sites
Day 02: Drive from Shiraz to Yasooj and Si-sakht
Day 03: Drive from Si-sakht to Bijan defile.
Day 04: Drive from Bijan defile to Si-Chani spring.  Over night  in shelter.
Day 05: Climb the peak.
Day 06: Return to Si-Sakht.
Day 07: Drive to Shiraz and fly to Teheran.


DAMAVAND 11 Day / 10 Night Code: GA:20

The Middle East Roof

With a high summit  of 5610.27 meters, Damavand is the highest mountain peak in Iran located almost in the center of Alborz mountain range. Damavand peak is situated in Larijan district, southwest of Amol and 69 Kilometers northeast of Tehran. Moreover, there are a lake named Lar, suitable for fishing and  so many mineral water springs. When the sky is clear and sunny, Damavand can be seen from Teheran and other cities such as Amol, Sari, Qom & Kashan.

Tour rate will be 1550 USD in a 4-6 pax group.


Day 1: Arrival

Arrive at Tehran airport, transfer to the hotel and rest.

O/N Tehran.


Day 2: Tehran-Rudbarak

Drive to northwest of Tehran. After 5 hours we will arrive at Takhte- Soleiman Mountains.

Continue to Rudbarak at 1500 height. O/N Camp.


Day 3: Rudbarak- Tange Galou

Climb to 2300 height at Tange Galou. It takes about 3 hours. O/N Camp.


Day 4: Lashgarak-mountain

Acclimatization at Tange Galou. Climb to Lashgarak peak at 4256 height. It takes about 6-8 hours. Return to 1500 height. O/N Camp.


Day 5: Chaloon

Acclimatization at Tange Galou. Climb to Chaloon at 4516 height. It is the second highest peak of Takhte-Soleiman. Return at 2000 height. O/N Camp.


Day 6: Rudbarak-Reene

Drive to Reene. Stop at Amol and have lunch. At the evening we will arrive at Damavand mountainside. O/N chalet.


Day 7: Reene- Bargahe Sevom

Transport to Gosfandsara at 3200 height. Climb to Bargahe Sevom at 4250 height. We will camp in Bargahe Sevom. Climb several hours and return to camp. O/N Camp.


Day 8: Damavand

We will climb to Damavand. After 6-8 hours we will arrive the Peak. Return by ski to 2500 height at Gosfandsara. Then transfer to Reene. O/N chalet.


Day 9: Tehran

In the morning drive to Tehran. Relaxing in the Hotel. In the evening we will go to Darband and have dinner. O/N Tehran


Day 10: Tehran

You will have tour in Tehran. Visiting the palaces and museums. O/N Tehran


Day 11: Departure

Transfer to Tehran airport for your return flight.


Special Services:

1. accommodation in 3* hotel in Tehran incl. breakfast (DBL).

2. English speaking tour guide.

3. Professional climber.

4. Cook, food and water for the climbing tour.

5. Tent and torch.

6. Van with driver.

7. Visa handling.

8. Airport transfers.

9. mountain climbing permit.

10. Entrance fees

11. wireless


Please note that you should have your own sleeping bag and ice pick.




The Wonder Peak

Sabalan is Iran's second highest mountain peak located in the extreme North West of Iran.
A mountain higher than Mont Blanc in the Alps, with many lakes & volcanic crater.
The mountain enjoys specific attractions in various seasons of the year so that
mountain Climbers feel  have entered a land of dreams and wonders.
On the slopes of the mountain many mineral water springs flows which attract
thousands of tourists each year, and many swim  in springs for healing
There are also many trails and a few very small villages in the area nomadic people  leave in Sabalan with their round "Yurt" tents. Visiting and seeing these kind
 people is one of the best reasons for climbing the mountain.




Iran's Himalayas

It is exactly like tiger wall in Alps. Alam Kuh's common areas are well-known and its alias name is Iran's Switzerland, including Kelar Dasht & Sarab Rood. It is rich in wildlife. Alam Kuh is the Third highest peak in Iran and probably the one which challenges climbers the most. It has about 1000 meters of vertical granite which is suitable for cliff hanging .The second highest summit in this region and just as famous is Takht- e- Soleiman, 4650 meters. Alam Kuh range is famous for its wall & 14 peaks about 4000m.