iran has long been called the “Land of Seven climates,” and it still seems the best description for Iran’s climate conditions.

Iran’s diverse climate conditions provide shelter for several rare and unique species of plant and animal life. In Iran, green fields, thick forests, burning deserts, vast plateaus, and snow-covered mountains are found during all four seasons. With 25 wildlife shelters, 46 nature reserves, more than 500 species of birds, 200 species of reptiles, 360 species of mammals, 12000 species of plant life, 12 rare forests and tens of thick forests, 320 thermal mineral springs, 16 ponds and lagoons, 50 lakes, 16 mountain peaks with altitudes over 4000 meters, 14 mountain peaks with altitudes over 3000 meters and historical constructions in the heart of the nature such as houses, temples and cathedrals carved in the rock, Iran’s natural attractions rank fifth in the world.

Iran’s climate ranges from humid subtropical to sub-polar. in simple words, the mountain climate can be found in the western and northwestern areas, hot and dry climate prevails in central and southern regions and a trip in the north bordering the caspian Sean enjoys a humid and temperate climate.

land of seven climates