saint tāddeus Church is located in Ghara kelīsā village, in one of the regions of Mākū town. the church is also the tomb of saint tāddeus who came from Mesopotamia to the region in 43 A.D. to preach christianity but was martyred at the hand of the king of Armenia in 66 A.D. the church consists of two white and black parts in a land area of 6285 square meters.
the white dome is 24 meters high and the black one is 18.6 meters high. there are 24 abbeys around it with bas-reliefs of human faces, columns and arches. A ceremony is held every year on the anniversary of saint tādi’s martyrdom. the structure was registered in uNescO world Heritage List in 2008, along with other Armenian Monastic ensembles in Iran.

Ghara Kelisa