Iran tour Operator


Iran Gashttour is one of the leading Iran tour Operators by a team of lovers of Iran. Our first goal was to reveal the real Iran despite deformed propaganda and bad news in the media. We offer the best of Iran tours on different itineraries to guests.  

Iran Gashttour Company is authorized by the Iran Touring and Tourism Organization (ITTO) and is a member of the Iranian Inbound Tours committee (IITC).

Iran is at a crossroads between Europe and Asia. It is the cradle of a different civilization! Iran was named the first real empire by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel the philosopher, and Cyrus the Great was named the first emperor who gathered different nations to establish an empire concerning religion and customs. Although Iran endured horrendous plunders by tribes in the course of history but several times rose again from the ashes and well continued its presence in the scene of the Middle East and the world!

During these past years, we have tried to innovate ways to offer guests traveling to Iran and to facilitate the course of travel. We understand the worries of travel and confronting unknown cultures. So, we tried to improve the digital market by offering suitable information about Iran. Iran Gashttour’s qualified team is fully conversant with operational methods applicable to and Iran is eager to show the best of Iran with the amazing services that we offer. It causes the guests to feel right at home! Each member of our team is persistent to grant the most detailed information about the tour to each guest. The Gashttour team receives feedback from guests and reviews any hypothetical shortcomings in weekly sessions to overcome deficiencies.

Iran Gashttour participates in many different exhibitions and important travel shows. We have participated in ITB Berlin, ITB Shanghai, ITB Singapore, BIT Millan, FITUR, COTTM Beijing, Sajam Turizma, MITT Moscow, ITB Shanghai, TT Warsaw, TITF Thailand, Holiday and Spa EXPO, and ATM Dubai.

We owe our dear guests all of our achievements! We strive to achieve the best opinions from our guests visiting Iran. It is our delight to present you with a fantastic journey to Iran! We achieved the excellence award of the Iran tourism department for the highest profile in Iran for four years (2013, 2014, 2016, 2017)


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