Kashan is a historic city in Isfahan province which is located in 215km north of Isfahan. The city has divided into two sections, mountainous and desert. Archeological excavations in the Sialk hills reveals that Kashan dates back to the Elamite period a center of civilization in pre-historic ages, 7000 years ago.

Ameriha Historical House

    The house one of the oldest and widest house in Kashan. It consists of three houses with five central courtyards, the oldest part belongs to Zand era.

House of Brujerdi

    This house is one of the most famous beautiful historical houses in Iran, it belongs to Qajar era, the construction has lasted from 1863 to 1877. It consists of two courtyards Andaruni (Inside) and biruni(Outside). Andaruni is a part of the house in which the private quarters are stablished.

Tabatabaei Historic House

    It is another historic house in Kashan, the construction belongs to the early 1880s. it includes paintings, stained glass windows, such as all of old and historical houses in consists of Biruni and Andaruni.

Hammam of Soltan Amir Ahmed

    Historic Hammam Amir Ahmed is one of the most beautiful Iranian Hammams in terms of architectural design and interior decoration. Roof of the Hammam  is vaulted and water tank is  situated.

Fin Garden and Hammam

    It is a Persian garden in which Hammam is located, it is a place where Amir Kabir, the Qajarid chancellor was murdered in 1852.The origin of the garden probably belongs to Safavid period. The present building inside the garden was built under the reign of Shah Abbas I. The garden was a leisure vacation spot for the kings.

Mosque and Madrasa of Agha Bozorg

    This 19th-century complex incorporates a deep sunken courtyard with a  central ablution pool. The basement under the prayer hall acts as a winter assembly hall, the complex was constructed between years 1834-1844.

Hill of Sialk (Tape Sialk)

    This is an ancient archeological site. The researches verify that, Sialk dates back to 5500-6000 BC. Excavations proved the existence of ancient cities around Natanz which date back to 4500 BC. According to Roman Ghirshman this area has been one of the centers of human civilizations.


    This historical village of Abyaneh has 4000-years old. It is located in Kashan-Isfahan road in 22km west of Natanz road. The village is considered to be the oldest human habitant on the edge of the desert.


    In the province of Isfahan 15km south of Kashan it is located. Qamsar is one of the most famous places for Golabgiri, producing Rose water in spring. The Rose water of Qamsar has the highest quality,so Kaaba in Mecca is annually washed by it.

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