It is the capital of Kerman province, located in the south-east of Iran, about 984km to Tehran. The town is situated close to the wastes of Dasht-e lut. Kerman expanded rapidly under the Safavids in the 16th and 17th-century. The pistachio, grown in Rafsanjan-Kerman area, is the most popular nut in Iran.

Ganj Ali Khan Complex

This complex consists of mosque, Hammam, cistern, bazaar, Caravanserai, Zarabkhane squer (mint squer), belonging to Safavid era. This squer is 100 m long and 54m wide.

Ganj Ali Khan Bath

This historic Hammam is located in bazaar, belongs to Safavid era. It has kept as a real Hammam with wax figures, which bring back the memory of everyday scenes of the past.

Bazaar – (Vakil Bazaar)

Built by Mohammad Ismail Khan Vakil-al-Molk , who was the governor of Keraman from 1859 to 1866. It is constructed of beautiful bricks. Vakil Caravanserai with its marvelous tiled walls, adjoins the Vakil Bazaar.

Gonbad-e Jabalieh

It also known as Gonbad-e Gabri an enormous tower, with octagonal design and comprises there floors crowned by a rather flat dome. It belongs to the 2nd milennium A.D, and may have been a Zoroastrian building. It has built of stone, and in its construction instead of water, camel milk has been used. Today it is the stone museum.

Arg-e Bam (UNESCO world Heritage site)

Arg-e Bam meaning Bam citadel 300m.long and 200m.wide consisting of two parts. It is surrounded by a crenelated wall, which is supported by towers to defend the town. Inside contains a rampart, a mosque caravanserai …, all in sand-colored mad-brick. It was the biggest adobe construction in the world. The origin of this huge citadel on the silk road dates back to the Achaemenid Empire.

Shah Nematallah Vali Shrine (Mahan)

It is a historic tomb of renowned Persian poet and mystic. It is said to have lived for a 100 years from 1331 to 1431. The tomb has particular decoration.

Shazdeh Garden (Mahan)

It is one of the most beautiful gardens in Iran, located about 4km away from Mahan in Kerman province. The garden is 5.5 hectares with a rectangular shape. It was constructed in 1850 in the Qajar dynasty.

Shahdad Kalout

 Shahdad is a town, located in 100km away from Kerman. One of the most interesting natural attractions near Shahdad is Kalout (Yardang), which is very rare and unique of its kind. In Lut desert you visit such an amazing scenery, which never forget it.



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