Water storage of Kish Island
One of the ways in which drinking water was stored in the old days, was to build water storages on the island. In 1993, in order to collect surface water, a twin water storage tank with five traditional Yazdi-style wind turbines was installed at the site of an ancient water storage in the city of Harire.

Recreational centers of Kish Island
From the attractions of the island, you can reach the long bike riding path, scuba diving, jet ski, glass floor boats, beach volleyball, recreational fishing, carting, buggy, horseback riding and water sports.

Ahuwan Park, Kish Island
Boostan -e-Ahuwan (Ahuwan Park) with more than two hectares of land is lucated at the end of Ferdowsi Street, Kish Island. Deer, fox, deer and a variety of birds are kept in the garden. It is one of the characteristics of the Ahwane Park in this area.

Kashti Younani (Greek ship)- Ghoroub-e-kish
The beautiful Kish sunset in the west of the island, where there is a remnant of a great ship beached near the island, is one of the main attractions of the area. The ship is 36 meters long and sailed to Greece on the western coast of Kish Island in 1945.

Park-e-Dolfinha (Dolphin Park, Kish Island)
Dolphin Park, Kish Island is the first Dolphin Park in Iran, with an area of about 100 hectares on the eastern side of Kish Island. In this park, a collection of rare bird species of the equatorial region is open to visitors.

The ancient city of the island of Kish
The 800-year-old Harire city is one of the few attractions of Kish, one of the most important harbors and communication centers between India and China with Iran and Europe. So far, the collections of the house, the bath, the industrial zone and the mosque have been identified.

Underground City Kariz-e Kish
The Kish Cultural Underground Complex (Kariz) is one of the attractions of Kish tourist attractions and is visited annually by many tourists. The Kish Underground City Collection is built on the site of the three old subterrean canal joint.

Coral Coast of Kolbeh-e Hoor
Damaghe-ye Hoor or Kolbeh–e Hoor is one of the diving sites in Kish Island.one of the features of this place is a relatively strong water stream. This area is also known as the Coral Coast.

Grand Recreational Pier of Kish Island
Grand Recreational Pier with wooden deck with four اقماریspaces created by Iranian experts. The pier is 437 meters long and 18 meters wide with an area of 10 thousand square meters and does not have a destructive effect on marine habitats in terms of its architecture.

Sacred fig trees
Sacred fig trees or lore trees are a natural, attractive and beautiful treasure that lasts from 500 to 600 years. These trees with aerobic-respiratory roots are visible in different places in the island of Kish. Loor or Sacred fig tree is the most famous tree in Kish Island.

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