Language is the best way of communication between human beings. The official language of Iran is Persian (Farsi), and Iranian use it in two forms: spoken language and written language.

From the perspective of linguistics, Persian is a member of the large Indo-European language family. That is, it has common roots with most languages ​​of the world.

You may be amazed to know that we Iranians like you, from whatever country you are, have identical words as you with the same meaning and pronunciation. By tracing the origins of languages, we understand how close we are to each other and recognize that our ancestors once lived together.

To learn Persian, and Farsi, you have to spend a lot of time, but during your trip to Iran, just knowing some practical words may be enough, and you could take a glance below and learn some essential Persian words for your trip Iran.

English Pronunciation
Hello Salam
Goodbye Khoda Hafez
Welcome Khosh Amadid
Good Morning  Sobh Bekheir
Good Evening Asr Bekheir
Good Night Shab Bekheir
My Name Is Ali (Name) Esme Man Ali Hast/ Ast
What Is Your Name? Esme Shoma Chist / Che Ast?
What Time Is It? Sa’at Chand Ast/ Hast?
Nice To Meet You Khosh Bakhtam
Have A Good Journey/ Travel Safare Khoubi Dashteh Bashid
See You Later Baa’ dan Mibinamet
How Are You? Hale Shoma Chetor Ast / Hast?  Or   Chetori?
Have A Nice Day Rouze Khoubi Dashteh Bashid
I Am Fine Man Khoubam  Or Khoubam
Thank You Mamnounam
You Are Welcome Khahesh Mikonam
Don’t Worry Negaran Nabash
I Miss You Delam Barat Tang Shodeh
What’s News? Or   What’s Up? Che Khabar?
Nothing Much Nothing Much
Say Hello To Amir (Name) Salame Amir Ra Berestoun
Bon Appetite Noushe Jan
Bon Voyage Safar Bekheir
Excuse Me Bebakhshid
Sorry Mote Asefam
How Much is it? Gheymate In Chand Hast/Ast?
It Is Expensive In Geran Hast/Ast
Give Me Discount Be Man Takhfif Bedid
I Am Thirsty Man Teshneh Hastam
I Am Hungry Man Gorosneh Hastam
Where Are You From? Shoma Ahle Koja Hasti?
I Come From Australia Man Ahle Australia Hastam
I Feel Sick Man Mariz Hastam
I Need A Doctor Man Niaz Be Doctor Daram
I Understand Mifahmam
I Don’t Understand Man Nemifahmam
Please Speak More Slowly Lotfan Ahsteh- Tar Sohbat Konid
Please Say It Again Lotfan Dobare Begoo
Please Write It Down Lotfan Benevis
What Does Mean In Farsi? In Be Farsi Chy Misheh?
Happy New Year Sale No Mobarak
Congratulation Tabrik Migam
Good Luck Movafagh Bashi
Can I Help You Mitounam Komaketoun Konam
I Have To Go Man Bayad Beram
Good / Bad / So So Khoub / Bad / Taghriban
Now Hamin Alan
Yesterday / Today / Tomorrow Dirouz / Emrouz / Farda
Hurry Up! Ajaleh Kon
Do You Like It? Doustesh Dari? / Khoshet Miad?
I Like It Man Doustesh Daram / Khosham Miad
Yes / No Baleh / Nah
Maybe / Perhaps Sha yad
Only This Faghat In
Friend / Family Doust / Famil
What / Why/ Who Chi? / Chera? Che Kasi?
Fire Atash
Help Komak
Hospital Bimarestan
Pharmacy / Drug Store Darou Khaneh
How / Where / When Chetor? / Koja? / Che Vaght?
I / You / He – She Man / Shoma / Ou
They / Us Anha / Ma
Start / Stop Shorou / Tavaghof – East
Husband / Wife Sho Har / Hamsar – Zan
Boy / Son Pesar
Girl / Daughter Dokhtar
Father / Mother Pedar / Madar
Brother / Sister Baradar / Khahar
Mr / Man Agha
Mrs / Lady Khanoum / Banou
Number Shomareh
0 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 Sefr – Yek – Dow – Seh – Cha har – Panj
6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 Shesh – Haft – Hasht – Noh – Dah
20 – 30 – 40 – 50 Bist – Si – Che Hel – Panjah
60 – 70 – 80 – 90 – 100 Shast – Haf Tad – Hash Tad – Navad – Sad                                 


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