If you want travel to Iran by yourself without help of Iran tour operators, it is essential to know the situation of transportation in Iran. Upon you arrive in Iran there are several public transportation in big cities which could use in low price for everyone. Below we mentioned local transportation which is mostly available in highlight cities in Iran:



Getting around the city by taxi is cheap and easy for tourist. It is possible hire either private taxi or shuttle taxi. Generally shuttle taxi travel to main squares and street. You are with others passangers on the way to reach destination. But, if hire private taxi you will take to destination alone and usually it called (Dar Bast) in Iran.



Actually, all cities of Iran have bus transportation system and if you decide take a bus, you should be present at bus station. Besides, in the capital of Iran (Tehran) there is BRT [Bus Rapid Transit] which run almost in ten lines through the city. Just, in some undeveloped cities and area there are minibuses.


Metro (Underground Subway):

Most of developed city in Iran Such as: Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan and etc. have Metro and each city has several lines. Keep in mind mostly on the board of train the name of destination wrote in Farsi and in some of station English map is available. Moreover, it could be nice to take notice there is rush hours in Metro (Especially in Tehran the capital of Iran) from 07 to 09 AM and 15:00 to 17:00 PM which is busy and crowded.


Transportation on the road and between cities:

If you travel to Iran independently and didn’t book Iran tour package most probably you need transportation between cities to visit several places. If you decide travel to others city and don’t want book a flight ticket, the best way is by Train or Bus. Both is comfortable and have reasonable pricing. Also there is VIP bus for long traveling which is more comfortable and has services box. You can purchase the bus ticket in terminal station as the websites are Farsi and credit card doesn’t work in Iran due to Banking Sanction. Besides, you could provide your train ticket either 4 or 6 wagon in some of local agency or station. Just, keep in mind railway system in different cities have different quality level.

In other hand there are private cars which transport you between cities and it takes 4 passengers to destination. Yet, please attention it can not be good option for long journey as it is less comfortable compare to bus and train.





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