Gashttour is a private Tour Operator established in 1989. The company is authorized by the Iran Touring & Tourism organization (ITTO) No 45/458 and is a member of the Iranian Inbound Tours committee (IITC).
At Gashttour we have a highly qualified team fully conversant with operational methods which is applicable to all Iran. We are able to organize a wide variety of tours for individuals and tour groups. We cater for personalized requirements within every budget category. Our list of services covers all aspects of tourism from the issuing of visas to hotel reservations at discount rates, air, train and bus ticket reservations, airport transfers and greeting procedures are all included in our services. Our guides are professionals, fluent in many languages (Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, Hindi, and Spanish.) and have expertise in Persian culture, tradition, archaeology, trekking, mountain climbing and geology.


Cultural and traditional tours: We offer a wide range of itineraries within Iran covering all aspects of Persian culture and tradition.
Nomadic Tour: We invite you to move with the” People of the Wind”, the Bakhtyari and Qashqai nomadic tribes, and accompany them on their annual migrations from the foothills to the pastures of the high Zagros range.
Trekking, Climbing and Ski Tours: All Gashttour staff have mountaineering experience and several are trained in rock climbing. We invite our guests to participate in trekking, climbing & skiing tours in the Zagros and Alborz ranges.
Geological Tours: Our geological tours enable you to observe the stratigraphy and structure of the Zagros Fold Belt and wonder at the geomorphologic features which abound. The unique presence of emergent salt domes and their attendant salt glaciers further adds to the interest of this region. Our New Zealand associate Dr Harry McQuillan mapped large areas of the Zagros for oil exploration over a 20 year period and was for a time Professor of Geology at Shiraz. He organizes tours in Iran in conjunction with Gashttour and adds a special facet in bringing to life an understanding of the impressive geology encountered on our tours.
Iran Gashttour offers professionalism through its personalized & integrated services. Our specialized offices for visa handling, hotel booking and arranging displays at exhibitions offer their integrated services to those who travel to Iran for participation in Seminars, International Exhibitions, Sports Events and Conferences.
We are proud that our clients are world wide, include Zagros Ltd (New Zealand), British Petroleum (Field geological trip), Shell Company (Field geological trip), and South Asia tours, along with many groups and individual clients worldwide. Our aim is not only to attract clients to Iran, but also to have them come again.
Our service arrangements are aimed at providing you with comfortable and prompt attention.

General Manager
A. Ghajar


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