As you may know, Iran is a vast country, with many cities to see. Driving from one destination to another or taking buses and trains might have their advantages, but they will take so much of your valuable time. Tehran to Shiraz is an eleven-hour drive, for instance. So if you rather have not more time on your hand, you may want to take a Domestic Flight Ticket.

If so, Gahsttour Travel Agency would be more than happy to aid you. Not that you cannot do it by yourself, just that most Persian sites which sell Domestic Flight Ticket are in Persian and accept only Iran credit cards. Also, you must you a Persian domain to have access to these sites. 

Gashttour Travel Agency could give you a hand in this regard. You need only to contact our staff and let us know about the destinations you have in mind, and we will book Domestic Flight Tickets on your behalf.

For further information, you may also want to get acquainted with the boarding system in Iran. It is pretty much like any other airport. 

You can get your flight card using your name and passport number. All the same, if you have your voucher ticket printed with you or the file on your smartphone, it won’t be a bad idea.

Remember that your seat is determined after you receive your ticket at the counter in the airport. Do not forget the necessary documents and make sure you have them with you before leaving for the airport. These documents include your tickets and your ID/passport.

Be at the airport about 1 hour before the flight. The end of the passenger reception on domestic flights is 20 minutes before the flight, and if you arrive at the airport less than 20 minutes before the flight, the authorities could cancel your ticket.

Your ticket to any destination belongs to a specific airline whose name is on your ticket. Remember this name because it works for you at all stages.

Pay attention to the weight of your baggage and your pick-up belongings mentioned on the ticket. If your baggage weighs more than the mentioned kale, you must reduce it or pay a fine.

Check the prohibited items and be sure that you do not have them with you. 


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On the ticket is written the name of the airport from where the flight takes off. There are several terminals at airports. Depending on the airline and your destination, you have to go to a specific terminal.

 In large airports such as Mehrabad, Tehran, you must pay attention to this matter because if you go to the wrong terminal, you may not have the opportunity to go to the correct one in time and miss the flight.

All the other information will be given to you when you make the first call to Gashttour Travel Agency. So, don’t hesitate and contact us.


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