Iran has accommodation for everyone and several types of rooms, and hotels anticipate every traveler and tourist. Accommodations and Iran hotels are nearly everywhere in this vast country, in big cities and most of the small towns. Up to this day, even Iran villages have a few places you could stay there.

That is to say, Iran has never failed to meet the need of any travelers for accommodation and housing. In this entry, we will introduce you to some of the different types of hotels in Iran. 

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There are mainly four sorts of hotels in Iran. Apart from Star Hotels, there are Traditional hotels, Boutique Hotels, and Eco-lodges.

1- Hotel starring is a worldwide arrangement, but some countries organize specific standards for themselves. Consequently, the notion of Stars in Iran may be somewhat different from American, European, or other Asian countries.

Despite these distinctions, we can foretell the facilities of the hotels based on the number of stars.

2- The boutique hotels in Iran have characteristics that are separate from other accommodations. This type of hotel is not very large and has less than 100 rooms. However, this makes it easier to serve travelers.

3- Designers design traditional hotels in Iran according to the culture and tale of the city. Establishing such hotels is time-consuming and pricey. That is why people turn old and celebrated residences into traditional hotels. Traditional hotels also give their guests time to get acquainted with Iran and feel more at home.

4- Eco-lodges are those accommodations in Iran that take nature around as an example. We could say that the notion of eco-lodges in the tourism industry is new.

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