The Climate of Iran and Its Weather Conditions Are Diverse


Iran is a vast country, and when traveling to Iran, you will taste various and different types of climate with extreme variations of temperatures. If you travel to Iran and book an Iran tour package through Gashttour Travel Agency, you could visit the hottest place in the world that is located in Iran and also, explore mountains where the temperature drops to minus 30 degrees Celsius.


Depending on the district, region, and the time of the year, it can be Cold, Hot, dry, wet, or even altogether. That makes the country ideal for producing grains and fruit. If you book Iran Tours when the winter is coming, you can ski in the north of Tehran, Shiraz, Tabriz, Ardabil. And a day later, you can head south to Kashan, Yazad, or Kerman to experience the hot, beautiful desserts like the Maranjab Desert and a bright night.


Weather in Different Cities in Iran


Before traveling to Iran or book any of our Iran Tour Packages, it is best to know Iran has four seasons, all the time.

The capital of Iran, Tehran, has a dry climate, and in spring (March to June), the temperature is pleasant. But as summer (July to September) comes, it gets hot, and many people in Iran travel to the northern mountains, where the weather is much more satisfying. Winters of Tehran (December to February) are cold and sometimes snowy. The winter in Isfahan and Shiraz is not as chilly as in Tehran or Tabriz but drier. On the other hand, in those cities, it gets hot in the summers. The sun can burn you alive. Yazd, located in the desert, reaches up to an unbearable 45 degrees Celsius in the summertime. In Autumn and winter, this city is perfect for having ice cream and not freeze.


Ideal Time to Travel to Iran and Enjoy the Best Weather

Most backpackers who travel to Iran or tourists that book the Iran Tour Package of Gashttour Travel Agency, come in the peak season between March and May, or between September and November when temperatures are ideal for traveling all across Iran, as it is not too hot or too cold. 


The shoulder season goes from June to August. At this time of year, the temperature increases and goes up all across the country. It becomes almost too hot to travel to cities like Yazd.

Almost a few tourists book Iran Tours or travel to Iran between November and February when the temperature starts to drop unless they have plans to stay at our Dizin hostel and ski at Dizin Ski Resort. 

The south is still warm and pleasant, but Tehran and northern Iran have become severely cold. Make sure to bring warm clothes when you come in winter!

Tip: Winter is cold, yes, but if you rather sightsee more privately and away from the madding crowd, winter is the best option.


Air-Pollution Is the Main Problem of Tehran

Tourists who book the Iran Tours Packages and want to travel to Iran must know the air pollution in the capital of Iran (Tehran) has turned into a hard-to-solve problem. Inversion (meteorology) risks the hygiene factors for those who breathe the air frequently. It will not harm you if you are only visiting Tehran for a couple of days. But for those who have heart conditions or breathing problems, it might be rough. Not to mention you probably will not enjoy walking around the city with a mass of smoke over your head.

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