Duration  Duration: 20 days trip – 19 nights
blank  Start: Shiraz, Iran
blank   Finish: Tehran, Iran
blank   Included meals: 20 Breakfasts, 0 Lunches, 0 Dinner
blank   Accommodation grade: 3, 4, 5-Star Hotels, Camp and tent
blank   Transport: Private Car, Van, A.C. Minibus, and Bus
blank   Internet: Free Wi-Fi in Vehicle and at the hotel


» This is the most interesting Itinerary for camping and trekking lovers who start from the south of Iran and finish in the North.

» This Itinerary is a combination of History, Trekking, and natural places which are all included in.

» We will trek the well-known mountains in Iran like Kouhrang, Alam, and even Alborz Mountain.

» Discover Persepolis, cities of the Achaemenid Empire that rank among the world’s greatest sites of antiquity.

» In Hamadan (ancient Ecbatana) you will visit, Avicenna’s tomb, and Iran opens its gates to you one by one from old castles and palaces to new gardens and museums.

» In a word, you will feel and enjoy Iran. Your arrival is welcome to us.




Day 1: Arrival - Shiraz

Arrive at Shiraz airport, welcome by a Gashttour representative. Then transfer to Hotel and rest. O/N Shiraz

Day 2: Shiraz - Persepolis - Necropolis - Shiraz

(140 Kilometers Distance) [Round Trip]

Through Qoran Gate, we stop at Persepolis the outstanding ceremonial palace of the Achaemenians (550BC) which is a UNESCO heritage. At Necropolis, we see four tombs of Achaemenian kings high in the cliffs of limestone. Then, return to Shiraz and visit the Eram Garden which was built during the middle of the thirteenth century. Besides, we visit Naranjestan Gardens with its outstanding tile working, mirroring, etc., which was built between 1879 and 1886 by Qavam Family and visit Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque. Then, toward Hafez mausoleums who was a famous Persian poet in the world. Afterward, we will visit the Vakil mosque complex. O/N Shiraz

shiraz eram garden

Day 3: Shiraz - Sepidan - Se Chah - Barm Firouz Lake - Shesh Pir Village

(110 kilometer Distance)

After breakfast, we will drive toward Sepidan. Later, start climbing toward Barm Firouz lake for around 3 hours and stay there [3300 Meters Altitude and 4km up to lake barm firouz]. Later, return to Barm Firouz – Ronj Shelter and transfer to Shesh Pir village. O/N Camp

Camp in Shesh Pir Village; [2350 meters Altitude]

Day 4: Shesh Pir Village - Tange Dalkhoun Village - Shabanak Mountain

(6 Kilometers Distance)

After breakfast, we will visit Nomad and drive to Tange Delkhoun Village through magnificent nature and landscape. Later, we have almost 4 hours of trekking toward the Tange Bostanak Shabanak Mountain [2000 Meters Altitude]. O/N Camp

Camp in Tange Shabanak Mountain;


Day 5: Tange Shabanak Mountain - Tange Bostanak - Si Sakht

(From Beiza to Sisakht 220 km Distance)

After breakfast, we trekked toward Bostanak Village (Behesht-e- Gomshodeh) for around 3 hours and then visit there. Later, drive toward Sisakht. O/N Si Sakht

Sisakht Dal Dena Hotel;

Day 6: Si Sakht - Kooh Gol Lake - Sisakht

(6 Kilometers from 2600 Meters up to 2900 Meters Altitude)

After breakfast, we will walk toward Kooh Gol Lake for around 3 hours and enjoy nature. Later, return and stay in Pasgah Camp. O/N Camp

Kooh Gol Camp;


Day 7: Si Sakht - Isfahan

(300 Kilometers Distance)

After breakfast, we walk to Si Sakht for almost 1 hour and then transfer to Isfahan. O/N Isfahan

Day 8: Isfahan

In the morning, we will visit Naghshe Johan square, a huge open square in the center of Isfahan which is listed as a UNESCO heritage. The square periphery is marked by outstanding Safavid buildings which include the Ali Qapu palace, the Imam Mosque, the Sheikh Lotfollah (ladies) mosque, and to the north the expansive bazaar where we can see artisans crafting metal work, Persian miniatures, printing intricate designs on cloth and other activities. In the afternoon, we will visit Si-o-Se Pol (thirty-three arches) and Khajoo bridges spanning the Zayanderud River. Then, we will visit Chehel Setoun Palace. O/N Isfahan


Day 9: Isfahan - Koohrang

(200 Kilometers Distance)

After breakfast, we will visit the Armenian quarter of Jolfa, the Vank cathedral, the Friday mosque, and the Shaking Minarets. Later, drive to Koohrang [2300 Meters Altitude]. O/N Koohrang

Kino Koohrang Hotel;

Day 10: Koohrang

From Koohrang we walked toward the hillside of Zard Kooh Mountain and then return and stay in Camp. [10 Kilometers hiking almost 4 hours]



Day 11: Koohrang - Hamadan

(450 Kilometers Distance)

After breakfast, we will visit Koohrang surrounding and then transfer to Hamadan. O/N Hamadan

Day 12: Hamadan

(1800 Meters Altitude)

The city of Ecbatana of the Medes, now called Hamadan and has a history as a place of learning. The tombs of the medical writer Avicenna and the poet Baba Taher are marked by recent monuments. We shall visit the tomb of biblical Ester and Mordkhay, which is revered as a Jewish shrine. Also, we visit an archaeological excavation site and museum at Hegmataneh hill. O/N Hamadan


Day 13: Hamadan - Alvand Mountain - Hamadan

(4 Kilometers we will go by cable car from Ganj Nameh up to Alvand peak)

After breakfast, we have almost 4 hours climbing toward Alvand Mountain [3450 Meters Altitude] and then returning to Hamadan. O/N Hamadan

Day 14: Hamadan - Saveh - Tehran

(350 Kiloumetrs Distance)

After breakfast, we will drive toward Tehran. En Route we will visit Ardemin Castle and Jameh Mosque of Saveh. Later, toward Tehran.


Day 15: Tehran - Kelardasht - Tange Galoo - Hesar Chal

(6 Kilometers distance to Tang Galoo and our camp is at 3200 Meters Altitude)

We drive toward Kelardash and Camp in Tang Galoo [3200 Meters Altitude]. The weather in our camp in this area at night is under 0 and Minus. O/N Tange Galoo

Camp in Tange Galoo; 

Day 16: Tange Galoo - Climbing to 3700 Meters - Tange Galoo

From Tang Galoo to Hesar Chal we have 3 hours of trekking to 3700 Meters altitude and return to Tange Galo.

Camp in Tange Galoo;

Hesar Chal

Day 17: Tange Galoo - Caspian Sea - Ramsar

(100 Kilometers Distance)

We descend to Tange Galoo hillside and then drive to the Caspian sea and Ramsar. O/N Ramsar

Day 18: Ramsar - Rasht - Tehran

(300 Kilometers Distance)

We will visit Ramsar and Rasht and then drive to Tehran. O/N Tehran


Day 19: Tehran

After breakfast, we will visit Saad Abad Palace Complex which was the complex first built and inhabited by Qajar monarchs in the 19th century. After an expansion of the compounds, Reza Shah of the Pahlavi Dynasty lived there in the 1920s. Then, visit the Archaeological & Islamic Art Museums. The pre-Islam archaeological museum covers Persia’s history from the fifth millennium BC to 648 AD while the Islamic art museum provides a display of Islamic works of art. Then, toward the Golestan palace complex, which is a UNESCO heritage and dates from the 18th century AD. O/N Tehran

Day 20: Tehran - Departure

You will transfer to Airport for your departure flight.


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