Applying visa for U.S, U.K and Canadian Citizens Travel to Iran as a U.S, U.K and Canadian Citizens is legal. The first suggestion and advice could regard to apply for their visa 80 days before arrival.  In order to obtain visa authorization number for citizens of these 3 countries, the traveler have to possess final Itinerary which be given by an Iranian Travel agency and tour operator. Besides, like others nationality first page passport copy, 6×4 CM personal photo (white back ground and without hat and glasses) and fill out all column of visa form is need. Moreover, denoting of social media account and complete resume of educational / job are requirement and it is inevitable. Indeed, all data is needed to could apply visa for U.S, U.K and Canadian Citizens. In addition, take notice the citizen of these 3 nationalities have to accompany with a guide for whole Itinerary from arrival to departure. In visa form you could choose which Iranian embassy or consulate will pick up visa and once you have visa reference number, you could collect visa there. The only occasion in which your admission to Iran will be denied is if you have traveled to Israel within 1 year ago or have Israel visa stamp in passport. Whether you are travel to Iran with private or group tour, you will be warmly welcome by the Iranian office at the gate.  

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