Like any other country, Iran has its Public Holidays. Some of these holidays are national, and some are religious and ceremonies. The first two weeks of the Iranian new year, AKA Nowruz or the nationalization of the Iranian oil industry, are national events, Eid al-Fitr, a religious holiday like Tasua and Ashura.

Since the religious holiday is related to the lunar calendar and is different from the official Iranian-Solar calendar, the holidays change every year. On the other hand, Public Holidays do not necessarily mean that everywhere, including tourist attractions, is closed.

Therefore, knowing these days and in which holidays the historical or cultural site is open to visiting or not is a necessity of your trip.

The following information will come in handy:

Official Holidays

2019/05/26 Imam Ali Martyrdom
2019/06/04 The Demis of Imam Khomeini (RH)
2019/06/05 Revolt of Khordad 15 & Eid e Fetr
2019/06/06 Eid e Fetr
2019/06/07 Eid e Fetr
2019/06/29 Imam Sadegh Martyrdom
2019/08/12 Eid e Ghorban
2019/08/20 Eid e Ghadir
2019/09/09 Tasua
2019/09/10 Ashura
2019/11/15 Birthday of Prophet Mohammad PBUH and Imam Sadegh PBUH
2019/10/19 Arbaeen
2019/10/27 The Demis of Prophet Mohammad
2019/10/29 Imam Reza Martyrdom
2019/11/06 Imam Hassan Martyrdom
2019/11/15 Birth day of Prophet Mohammad
2020/01/29 Martyrdom of Fatima
2020/02/11 Victory of Islamic Revolution
2020/03/08 Birth day of Imam Ali
2020/03/19 Oil Nationalization Day

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