Why Iran Travel Insurance?

Let’s say that you’ve been thinking about traveling to Iran or booking an Iran tour package. You probably have been saving for a while and did some research, and you finally decided to apply for an Iran visa. Bravo! Surely you know that you need travel insurance for your trip to Iran, yet you may wonder, “is it essential to possess travel insurance for traveling to Iran?” 

The short answer is, “Yes!”, it is crucial to get travel insurance for traveling to Iran.

Fundamentally, there are main reasons to have travel insurance when you are traveling to Iran. The reason is that you don’t want the unexpected to deform and destroy your long-awaited trip. Beneficial travel insurance can protect you against mishaps and cover any sudden costs in the Iran tour package.



Can I use my existing travel insurance?

Before you travel to Iran, if you already have travel insurance, please pay attention to the provisions of your insurance terms and condition. See if it covers Iran as well, and what accidents do they insure? Iran Travel Insurance may be more adaptable to your needs in Iran.  

Sometimes the travel insurance you get from other places is not counted as valid insurance in Iran or some regions in Iran. The problem is that, because of the long history of political sanctions and tension between the West and Iran, many insurers do not put Iran on their destination lists for travelers. Thus, if you want to use your travel insurance for getting your Iran visa, be sure that ‘Iran’ is on their list and study their policy.

You should know that several travel insurance companies use general terms like ‘Asia’ or ‘Middle East’ on their lists, yet, such terms and conditions are not acceptable to the visa officer. You should ask your insurance company to send you a document with “Iran” mentioned on the list.


How to get Iran Travel Insurance?

If you want to Travel to Iran or book an Iran tour package and your travel insurance does not cover Iran, or you don’t have travel insurance, you have to get travel insurance before anything else. You have the option of buying insurance from the embassy or the visa office at the airport. Another way is with IATI, a popular insurance provider based in Europe. IATI offers coverage for almost anyone, including Asians, Latin Americans, Americans, and Canadians. We mention IATI because, unlike other companies, whether you are a long-term backpacker or go on a 3-week holiday, they will have a special coverage plan for you, no matter your budget.

What is covered by the insurance?

In Iran Tours, anything from a family emergency or a lost suitcase could ruin your travel to Iran and bring your trip to an end before it even begins. If you want to go with a local Iranian insurer, Saman Insurance Company is one of the most reliable and famous Iranian Insurance companies. 

When you insure your trip with IATI, you’ll be covered for expenses including but not limited to: emergency return home following the death of a close family member or serious illnesses, emergency medical expenses, driving license, loss of passport, national ID card, loss of registered luggage or, expenses because the delay of baggage delivery, legal aid in case of any legal problem, etc. Below, you’ll see the coverage cases in detail, and it is good to know them before booking Iran tour Package or traveling to Iran:



Coverage cases

1- Emergency dental care restricted to the treatment of pain, infection, and removal of the tooth affected Deductible

 2- Emergency returns to home following the death of a close family member or serious illnesses

 3- Transport or repatriation in case of illness or accident

 4- Repatriation of mortal remains

 5- Legal Assistance

 6- Repatriation of family member traveling with the insured

 7- Loss of passport, driving license, or national identity card abroad

 8- Loss of registered luggage.



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