From: Brenda Gray
To: Incoming-Gashttour


Hello Amir

Thank you for your email. I am very happy to give you feedback. I believe you are amazing and active.

Everyone on my tour had a wonderful timed. They loved Iran and all the amazing buildings, paintings and historical sites they saw, as well as seeing the cities, landscape and meeting the Iranian people. Everyone stayed well throughout our time in Iran.


Espinas Persian Gulf in Tehran was excellent. I would stay there again. I had a room facing the mountains, which was a bonus. Rooms with a view are especially appreciated by me personally. 

Ahvaz Pars was fine, considering Ahwaz was not a tourist place. Some of my group had a few moans about the smallness of the rooms etc. The views over the river were great.

Shiraz Hotel. This was an excellent hotel in every respect. I would stay there again but ask for rooms overlooking the city. I choose this hotel, because it overlooked the city, so it was disappointing to find my group’s rooms all looked at a cliff face. Is there a difference in price between the two outlooks?

Zein-O-Din was fabulous – a unique experience, not to be missed.

Yazd Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel was very good.

International Hotel Abbasi was fabulous. Next time I would ask for all rooms on the first floor and overlooking the internal courtyard, which was beautiful. Its location was also excellent.

Kashan Ariana Hotel, also I lovely little hotel. Some rooms were much better than others, which is a bit unfortunate for group bookings, because they compare rooms.


The coach was very comfortable, and the AC worked. Some seatbelts didn’t work. The bus driver was a skillful driver, always cheerful and well mannered. We all felt safe and confident with his driving.


The food was excellent everywhere. Sepi choose a great variety of restaurants and food, which everyone greatly enjoyed. We loved the difference in style and decor in the many restaurants we visited. The hotels in Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan had fabulous breakfasts.


Sepi was a wonderful guide and she made the tour a very happy experience for everyone. She was knowledgeable, well organized, good natured, cheerful and kind. She was always generous with her time and helpfulness. She made my job easy – always discussed daily plans with me and offered suggestions to make the tour flow well. Everyone loved and appreciated her – and missed her when we left!

There is a lot of interest to visit Iran, from Australians. I hope to organize another tour again soon.

Thank you very much for organizing this tour Amir and for the beautiful book on Persepolis.

Kind regards