From: Jarred Dowson
To: Incoming-Gashttour

Hello Amir Banan,

Apologies for the delay as I’ve been travelling in Europe busy with our group tours since Iran.

We had a fantastic time and Josh mentioned he even met with you in Shiraz? Sounds like we missed a great trip down south and this should be on the itinerary for next time? Perhaps even go skiing at the resort near Shiraz?

Initial feedback was the transfers and guiding was fine. However, after talking with locals at the ski area perhaps we should of stayed in Northern Tehran for our night in the city rather than the centre? Apparently the younger people go to more cafes etc in the northern part of the city? This could be wrong but it’s what we were told.

I really enjoyed going to the bazaar and museum but I don’t think the other guys cared much. They were more interested in the ski areas.

Accommodation was fine at the ski areas but I would of liked to have had a ski guide to assist with ski touring options especially in Dizin. We met other Australians who found a local guide who offered shuttle pick-ups from down the road after they would ski tour in the backcountry. This would be a bonus for our group as well because we were restricted to skiing the resorts.

Apart from this, everything we smoothly and I’m now in the process of planning a 2020 tour back to Iran.

Thanks again for all your effort in setting up this first tour.




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