Motor heads now have a great way to indulge in their car obsession.

The Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany is closed right now, much like many other museums around the world, due to the coronavirus outbreak. But just because you can’t see it in person, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a tour.

The museum has several ways to take a virtual tour through its website and social media pages.

On the website, the museum has broken down its exhibitions of historic cars into two categories: Legend and Collection. The Legend section explores the history of cars, beginning with the very first car models developed by Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz in the late 19th century. The Legend exhibition discovers car innovations made by Mercedes-Benz through today, including pioneering moves in emission-free technology and building incredible race cars.


The Collection section is also focused on some of the most historic and iconic Mercedes-Benz car models, but is set up more like a showroom and does not feature cars in chronological order. Instead, this area is where visitors can get an up-close look at the historic vehicles, including not only personal cars but also trucks, utility vehicles, vans, and buses.

These two exhibitions can be found directly on the museum website.

But if you prefer content that’s made for your mobile device, or just want to recreate the experience of a guided tour, the museum also has a virtual tour of the entire museum as well as a special G-Class tour on Instagram.

On YouTube, you can also tune in to some fascinating videos, including one that explores five unknown facts about Mercedes-Benz as well as a video virtual tour of the museum at night.

For more information, visit the Mercedes-Benz website. Or you can check out the museum on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

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