There is an ancient temple in the west of Iran in Kermanshah province named Anahita Temple. This place belongs to the Parthian era and early days of the Sassanid dynasty. Anahita temple is built on a hill in the center of the city. Anahita was named as Goddess of Water.

This place is in Kangavar city which is en route from Hamadan to Kermanshah, the height of hill which Anahita temple located in is 32 meter from surrounding lands.

The architecture of this temple is in harmony with palaces and this temple built during the Achaemenian period, 550 BC to 330 BC, the material of this building is stone which cut and shaped professionally.

In ancient belief, this temple was built for the god of water and friendship, Anahita.

This place was registered among the national monuments in 1310 (1931).

anahita temple