Experts say: Coffee could become a luxury in the UK if businesses do not help farmers,
Historically low prices and climate change are forcing coffee producers in Peru to abandon their crops and turn to other sources of income.
The delicate Arabica bean, which is used in cappuccinos and Briton’s flat whites, is being farmed on ever-higher and cooler land as temperature increases make more and more land unsuitable for growing the plant.
“By 2050, up to half of the land used to grow coffee globally may be rendered unsuitable for this purpose” Experts Said.
This could lead to increased deforestation and causing coffee prices to rocket as production volumes decrease.
“I think if we don’t invest now then coffee could become a luxury, the longer-term” Catherine David, head of commercial partnerships at Fairtrade, said.
“Due to if 50% of land currently used for coffee isn’t going to be suitable for it by 2050, and coffee farmers are abandoning their farms, there simply won’t be enough coffee, and so we could, conceivably, get to a point where coffee is no longer available for, say, £1.50 at Greggs, but becomes a premium product for only those who can afford to enjoy it.”




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