Following the holiday company’s collapse, Former Thomas Cook staff have demanded the government steps in with financial support,

As dozens of ex-employees protested after not receiving their wages on Monday, Chants of “pay us now” were heard outside the Conservative Party conference.

Most of the 9,000 staff who lost their jobs wore their old uniforms as they held placards reading “Bankers bailed out, Thomas Cook kicked out” outside the Manchester Convention Centre.

Thomas Cook collapsed last week, entering compulsory liquidation after failing to secure a rescue deal with new investors.

Andy Burnham (The mayor of Greater Manchester) led calls outside the conference for the government to give former staff their unpaid wages and redundancy packages.

Mr. Burnham said: “More than Thousands of people in Greater Manchester woke up last week to the news that they didn’t have a job, and today they were expecting a paycheque and of course it has not arrived,”

He went on to describe and clarify what he thinks the government should be doing to help those who have lost their jobs: “Get payments made without any delay – so that’s both unpaid wages and redundancy, which is a statutory service.




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