To make the city more environmentally friendly, Travelers in Rome are being offered free metro tickets in exchange for plastic bottles as part of a scheme.

The plastic-for-tickets venture which is currently running at three stations, launched by the Italian capital’s public transport company ATAC,

“Because the public response to the initiative has been positive, the plan is to extend it across the whole metro network until July 2020” transport chiefs have said.

Passengers can deposit plastic bottles at stations in exchange for a €0.05, Under the scheme and credit that can be spent to purchase online tickets.

They have to download an app onto their mobile phones which registers the number of tickets they have earned based on the number of bottles fed into the recycling machines.

A standard ticket which is valid for one metro ride or 100 minutes on all buses allowing transfers, it costs €1.50 so an individual would have to recycle 30 bottles to afford it.