The heavy school bags which was being ‘troubling’ for children in Oman, the Sultanate’s Education Ministry advised schools to focus on parts of the curriculum each day and to ask students and parents to only bring what they need on that day.

 Schools have been planned to spread out their subjects and worksheets in school so that children could leave more books at home, and to also arrange a storage area in the classroom for students to leave some of their books in class.

Dr. Radhiyah Al Habsi said The Ministry is working to provide the right environment to schoolchildren, she is the Assistant Director for the Department of Guiding Programmes at the D.G of Educational Programmes.

As she said, schools should do their best to present worksheets in the classroom to replace the need to bring books. Students will come to class and fill out the worksheets, this way more books to remain at home for studying from.




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