During an amazing evening in Tehran in a house for the important meeting of the Iranian Association of Women in Tourism Mr.Fabio Carbone, ambassador at large of the International institute for peace through Tourism (IIPT) and head of the IIPT – Iran Chapter was invited too. 

Mr.Fabio thanked Dr. Fatemi, Dr. Ghiami for allowing him to join the event after the ordinary greetings to the audience.

He started by expressing his genuine admiration for the work developed by the association.

This is a discussion of Women in tourism in Iran, great importance for a country such as Iran that face lots of internal and external difficulties, is heading towards a bright future. I am sure the future will be better.

The peace is not just friendly relations between states, but this is inner peace, the peace we build inside ourselves. 

The Iran part of IIPT would like to promote the success and affirmation of women in tourism so I have arranged a workshop on this topic and hope to be successful.




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