Travel to Iran and find the most significant artistic industries in Iran’s handicraft which has deep roots in the culture and history of this land. You can find Iranian handicrafts as a very wide range of diversity that comes first in the world with a wide gap with other handicraft industries.
There is precious handicraft in Fars including:
1. Carpet weaving, coarse carpet-weaving, and coarse loosely-woven cloth are current in Fars among ghashghai tribes.
2. Mat, rush weaving, wickerwork the best rush-mat in Kazerun and best wicker works by Ghasghaian are fabricated.
3.Earther wares, mosaic dishes. The best mosaic container in Estahban.
4.Silver ware-dishes, coppersmithing. Shiraz is one of the most important centers of silverware and coppersmithing.
5. Light cotton summer shoes, turnery, glass blowing, curries, and masonry.




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