According to excavation in the new cemetery of Iron Age 2 and 3 in Qarah Tappeh area, 35 cylindrical stamps of Assyrian local and state stamps have been discovered, indicating the remarkable location of the site in the cultural sphere of Assyria, The head of the archeology body of Qarah Tappeh cemetery in Saghezabad said 

Mustafa Deh-Pahlevan said on Sunday that according to the details of the discovery, following further excavations at the newly discovered Iron Age 2 and 3 of Qarah Tappeh in Saghezabad of Bouin Zahra,so they decided to have the excavation project on the newly-discovered cemetery trench to provide a precise and accurate chronology of this cemetery and to better understand the burial practices and traditions of these cemeteries.

There were found some other objects in the graves, including cylindrical stamps, pottery from the Iron Age 2 and 3, metal ornaments, earthenware, and stone. 



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