Many events such as wars, natural disasters and a variety of diseases such as malaria, measles, smallpox, tuberculosis, AIDS and so on, has recorded in the history which have claimed the lives of many.

The current crisis of the coronavirus, while easily passable to defeat with self-care, can be as severe as it can be, and it can expose many people to it. Seems the only deal with the coronavirus, it is only through home quarantine and abandoning the gatherings that one can protect himself and his family so that the chain of the disease is cut and the cycle of the coronavirus failure in the world can be completed.

One of things which helped to strengthen one’s soul in crises such as war, disease, and natural disasters is Music .Today, music is used to treat some diseases to cure the patients.

The musicians have a great role to play in empowering the spirit of the citizens through the release and education of music; the production of music and its release in cyberspace and visual media can in addition to entertainment, inject joy into the community.




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