Ecotourism has turned into a major attraction for foreign visitors travelling to the Iranian province of Yazd.
The provinces of Yazd, Isfahan and Fars make up the three sides of Iran’s tourism triangle, drawing large numbers of foreign tourists visiting Iran.
The tourist tringle is the result of the invaluable historical features as well as ancient monuments, which are the legacy of the diligent people living in the provinces.

visiting Yazd
Yazd, in particular, has been one of the provinces which officials have picked as a priority in the country’s tourism sector.
“The tourism industry is one of eight priorities of Yazd province. The tourism triangle will also contribute heavily to synergy between the three provinces and help remove the existing obstacles,” said Mohammad Mirmohammadi, the provincial governor of Yazd, at a meeting on Iran’s Golden Tourism Triangle in early 2017.
According to a Farsi report by IRNA, most foreign tourists visiting Iran, including Yazd province, are mostly interested in historical places. During their stay in Iran, they mostly visit ancient buildings and mud-brick monuments. They are mesmerized by the ancient architecture of buildings in Yazd, which is a sign of its people’s creativity, innovation and diligence.
Most tourists prefer to stay in traditional places which bring to mind the lifestyles of people who lived in the province in the past. Accordingly, ecotourism accommodations have been all the rage for quite some time, and the provincial cultural heritage, handicrafts and tourism department has prioritized such accommodations as tourists’ favorites.
Likewise, efforts are underway to promote ecotourism in the province. Loans are also offered to entrepreneurs who are interested to set up businesses and create jobs in the ecotourism sector.
Ecotourism accommodations and resorts have been developed throughout the province and drawn a considerable number of foreign tourists.



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