The city of Mahan is located in the southeast of Kerman. At a distance of 6km from the south of Mahan, is a beautiful and large garden with a spectacular structure on the premises. The same is called ‘Shazdeh Garden’ (Shazdeh Bagh).

The structure is relative to the Qajar era. There are various pools constructed in the garden that is sheltered with fine trees. In the year 1991, the premises were completely renovated because of the commemoration ceremony of Khaju Kermani. A traditional guest house has been constructed in the city center for the use of tourists and visitors.

Shazdeh Garden

The garden is a fine example of Persian gardens that take advantage of a suitable natural climate. Water fountains can be seen over the land flowing from the upper ends toward lower ends on a water cascade style at Shazdeh Garden. These fountains look very beautiful and have been provided impetus by the natural incline of the place.

The clever use of the natural climate of the land can be seen in this garden which is the primary aspect of every Persian garden. House façade at the entrance of the garden is like a linear structure at the beginning of the garden and the building has two floors.

The upper floor has rooms for living and catering. Apart from the entrance structure, this garden includes a kingly mansion and bathroom. The kingly mansion is turned into a restaurant at the moment and is run by a private sector. Various fruit trees can be seen in this garden and the ponds and fountains have made an elegant waterfront.

In 2005 experts of the Research Center for Historical Sites and Structures were preparing documents to register Shazdeh Garden, amongst other gardens, on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the Garden was finally inscribed in June of 2011.



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