Scientists have discovered a new species of crocodile, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, 

The reptile was indicated from a collection of skulls at museums in the US and Australia and cross-checked with live specimens at a zoo in Florida.

Scientists believe and say the new species lives in New Guinea, where it has existed alongside another population of crocodiles located on the other side of a mountain ridge running across the center of the island.

Indeed, it had long been theorized that the two populations could be different species, yet until now they were assumed to be the same New Guinea Crocodile, which was first identified in 1928.

Confirmation that they are indeed separate came following research started by the late scientist Philip Hall, who had spotted key differences between their nests but passed away before finalizing his work.

The new crocodile has been named Crocodylus halli to honour, Mr. Hall said, who was a researcher at the University of Florida.




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