Italian couple travel to Iran last week, they have visited cultural places such as Tehran, Kerman, Yazd, Kashan, Isfahan, and Shiraz.
They drove between cities with private car and professional drivers and one flight from Tehran to Kerman as this is long distance.
At the end of their tour, they have visited the Gashttour office, spending some time together drinking coffee.
Italian citizens need a visa to travel to Iran, they have 15 days itinerary and Italian speaking tour guide. They have found Iranian people such a hospitable people.
Before traveling to Iran, one of the major worries that people have when thinking about is that is Iran safe to travel ? While Iran represents one of the safest places in the Middle East, the recent increase of groups heightened those fears too.
To travel to Iran you can find Ancient history, Iranian Architecture, Handi Crafts and most delicious Iranian foods.




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