The ancient bazaar of Qom including two sectors, the old and new ones. The old section is in the east of Taleqani Avenue, the extension of this route running northwards is The new sector of the bazaar.

The surrounding of old Bazar and also the Bazzar built in the pre-Safavid period, but then the new sector date to the Safavid and Qajar periods. 

Old bazaar including Razavieh School, Sabuniha Mosque, Chehel Sotune Mosque and porch and the minarets of the remnants of Qiasieh School. While you can see the surrounding alleys and the Haj Asqar Khan Bath in the new bazaar section.

The religious buildings which are in the surroundings are active and are being utilized. Some parts of the bazaar have built in the Saljuqi and Eilkhani periods. Part of these alleys and schools of the complex are endowed.




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