This international game festival including ancient games indigenous attend in Tehran, shows local games to a different It’s playtime!
Germany, Nigeria, Pakistan and the US Representatives which is around 24 countries have attended the event to put on display their cultures and local games.
One of the games is ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’, which is the most popular game played around the world, but its roots go back to the US! Elaheh who is American-born says this event is not just fun!
The game which we know as Mench in Iran and Parcheesi in the US is Pachisi, another old game. It’s from India and then was copied in Germany by the new name of Mensch Ärgere Dich Nicht which means Don’t get angry, man! The old version of it still played in Pakistan.
Providing a friendly atmosphere to visitors, made this even more interesting, they spend friendly time playing each other’s’ games.
The message of this event was that that peace does not require a common language.




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