Raising the 4th edition of the Intl. Congress of Health in Islamic Countries attend on Tuesday in Tehran, Health and tourism officials from over 20 Muslim countries attended.
This event which takes 3-day, looking for the level of cooperation among Muslim states in the medical section, and held in Tehran.
More than 300,000 tourist searching medication in Iran Since 2017.
While the quality services in Iranian clinics are high and Iran’s national currency against the US dollar fall so this made medication prices in Iran unrivaled, and many tourists refer Iran for medical care.
There is 10-percent of the country’s total income from the tourism sector Last year which was around 1 bn dollars from health tourism and officials hope that it can be an alternative to the oil incoming.

The main engine spinning the wheels of Iran’s economy is the oil industry for more than half a century. So to have alternative incoming Iranian health officials will sign a contract with countries such as Serbia, Oman, Iraq, and Turkey in health tourism.




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