The project would see the development of a six-mile relief road on the Humber Estuary to decrease congestion, with a non-tidal lagoon running from St Andrew’s Quay to Victoria Dock and improved flood defenses.

“It hoped to attract government funding and private investment to get the venture off the ground” Lagoon Hull, the firm behind the idea, said.

It claimed the creation of the lagoon could generate more than 14,000 jobs in the future through the building of new port and harbor facilities and by providing a new space in the East Yorkshire city for “waterfront living”.

“Such a lagoon been in place during the 2013 tidal surge, during which hundreds of homes in the Humber region were hit by floodwater, the city of Hull would have had 100% protection” A study by the University of Hull suggested this.

“The Lagoon Hull project is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the future of the region” The idea is the brainchild of businessman Tim Rix, who said.

“It addresses the key challenges of today and unlocks our region’s potential for future economic growth, for place-making and creating a city and region where not only will young people want to stay and build their lives, but that attracts new and talented people to live and work.”




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