To achieve political goals and recently prevented the return of Bahraini nationals from Iran, Al Khalifa finds the outbreak of the coronavirus in the region as the best opportunity

The authorities of the Al Khalifa regime have adopted a strange policy towards their nationals in the Islamic Republic who had traveled to Iran for pilgrimage and vacation, Since the spread of coronavirus in many regional countries and the world in the past weeks. This move has drawn a lot of criticism.

Many countries around the world have returned their nationals from other regions. Bahraini authorities have banned the entry of their citizens from Iran to Bahrain. They are evading responsibilities towards their nationals by pursuing this strange and unprecedented policy. 


 “We notice that the Bahraini government has caused distress for its citizens by not allowing them to return to their country “A Bahraini activist Ibrahim AL Madhoun pointed to this issue These people have been in the Islamic Republic for a long time and the Bahraini regime does not fulfill its duties towards its nationals.”




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