A month after reopening the tourism sector, Madeira has recorded only nine active cases of Covid-19.
Officials argue this makes it one the safest destinations in Europe to visit.
While the Foreign & Commonwealth Office is currently permitting travel to Madeira, government restrictions mean British visitors are expected to self-isolate for 14-days once they return home.
As a preventive measure in view of the greater flow of flights to the region, the use of a face mask in public spaces is now mandatory in Madeira, except for cases where social distancing can be observed – such as sports, nature walks, visits to farms and gardens, beaches and bathing complexes.
Children under ten are also exempt.
The well-being and protection of citizens and tourists visiting the Archipelago of Madeira continue to be the priority.
The new rule for the use of masks in public outdoor spaces is accompanied by several exemptions so that comfort and enjoyment of outdoor spaces for leisure and exercise is not compromised,
Nuno Vale, executive director of Madeira Promotion Bureau explained: “Security inevitably continues to be at the top of the concerns of citizens, but also tourists, which is why it is a priority to keep cases to a minimum and ensure freedom to live and enjoy the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo.
“It has been a joint political effort and exemplary citizenship that has ensured the exceptional control of the pandemic in the Region, but also allowing for a safe tourist experience of the archipelago is key in the destination’s response.”
The effective control of the pandemic in the Madeira Archipelago has been exemplary, with only 90 cases registered before the sector reopened on July 1st, and today there are only 106 cases, of which just nine are active cases.