Palm Fountain

Nakheel Malls has officially broken the record for the largest fountain in the world.

Guinness World Records recognized the Palm Fountain in Dubai as covering 7,327 meters squared during an opening ceremony earlier.

Located at the Pointe at Palm Jumeirah, the waterfront attraction creates a relaxing environment while its water jets dance to songs from all around the world.

The fountain is equipped with shooters capable of blasting water 105 meters into the air.

It also features over 3,000 LED lights in multiple colors that light up the sky over the ocean.

“This is a historic moment for Nakheel Malls and further underscores our commitment to bring new and unique experiences for the benefit of all stakeholders.

“This milestone is a true celebration of Dubai’s resilience and we look forward to the inspiration it will bring the visitors at The Pointe, residents of the United Arab Emirates, our retailers, tourists, and the wider international community,” said Omar Khoory, managing director of Nakheel Malls.

During the launch event for the massive fountain, visitors of the Pointe were invited to multiple festivities.

The entertainment included multiple DJs, dance shows, and a firework show.

The show saw many attendants, from excited residents to tourists, who witnessed the Palm Fountain break the world record.

“We are delighted to officially see the Palm Fountain breaking the title of the Largest fountain,” said Shaddy Gaad, senior marketing manager, MENA, Guinness World Records.