Ecuador is a forerunner in resuming its tourism industry in South America, of course, this is strictly under the health and safety protocols. Therefore, Quito is now open to the world and greets travelers. These guests need no longer to isolate themselves as long as they provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test.

Quito is actually that one city in the Andean valley where the so-called “Old Town Charm” meets up modernity, where Spanish and European-infused inspirations merge with the native Incan foundation. 

Superb colonial monuments alongside narrow cobbled streets with architectural treasures, local markets, and craftsmen, are some of the attractions you could easily connect with. The Historic Center is where the most traditional and charming neighborhoods are located and you could see the 400 years old baroque style houses and churches.

Health travelers are astonished by the city’s year-round mild weather. Ecuador’s capital has had fame about this matter for such a long time as in Quito, there are world-class wellness facilities, very much idealistic for those in search of relaxation. Natural spa treatments and complete involvement with nature throughout different activities, all under strict biosafety measures could help a lot. In Quito and surrounding areas, you will experience unique wellness, that blends the local culture, nature experiences, natural ingredients, ancient treatments, and history.

For those who are after more adventures, Quito is surrounded by occasions for nature lovers. From the Bellavista Cloud Forest Lodge to the Pahuma Orchid Reserve, glamping, birding, bicycling, hiking, zip-lining, archaeology, and more are ample less than two hours from the city. On a short 45-minute drive, the Choco Andino de Pichincha planet reserve is an exclusive natural paradise that presents the very essence of living on the edge.

In Quito, you can visit this enchanting city feeling safe as strict biosafety protocols are implemented by the Ecuadorian government, hospitality businesses, and shops. Quito has never been so mesmerizing and anodyne for travelers!