Mental Health

WTTC (The World Travel & Tourism Council) has just lined up some new guiding points on how to keep or redeem your mental health and wellness to help you stay sane during the coronavirus pandemic, as to then boost up tourism and traveling.

The World Travel & Tourism Council asserted that it is “vital” that mental health support be included in attempts for recovery. According to their research, more than one in 10 individuals (95 percent) feel that poor mental health disturbs people’s work performance. Eighty-five percent said that it is difficult to concentrate when struggling when you suffer from mental problems, and the rest feel that it takes them longer to fulfill their tasks.

The World Health Organization says that obviously, good mental health brings up good business sense. There are four pillars to the World Travel & Tourism Council mental health guidelines: Developing a Supportive System, Creating Safe Spaces, Supporting an Agile System, and Exemplifying Support for Good Mental Health.

For instance, providing appropriate mental health support means that the leave policies for mental health should be developed without prejudice while the feedback system that allows employees to share how the system is working should be improved too. Encouraging an environment of respect and valuing wellbeing could also be included in the “Developing a Supportive System” pillar.

The president and CEO of WTTC, Gloria Guevara said that “WTTC is proud to release these important high-level guidelines concentrating on mental wellbeing, that will help Travel & Tourism businesses of all kinds and their employees. The sector employs people from all socio-economic backgrounds regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity, with almost 50 percent of whom are women and up to 30 percent of youths. After nearly a full year of insecurity and hardship that has come from the COVID-19 pandemic, the time could not be more appropriate to invest in the mental well-being of this sector.”