Romania Decides to Lift its Quarantine

Before this announcement, Romania required all visitors to quarantine upon their arrival. Now with the obvious changes in travel restrictions in the COVID-19 era, though providing a negative test result has fairly become a standard requirement for many countries, as the vaccine rollout has begun around the globe, countries are considering a new set of rules for travelers.

Lately, Romania has become one of those nations to change its tactics based upon the newly vaccinated visitors. Beforehand, anyone headed to Romania. whether a resident or visitor was required to self-quarantine immediately upon arrival. Now, however, the country’s CNSU (National Committee for Emergency Situations) just said that it has lifted that requirement only for vaccinated travelers.

Based on the reports, travelers must prove that they have received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine and that 10 days (at least) have passed since the second dose.

Proof of receiving the vaccination against COVID-19 must be shown through a document issued by the health unit which administered it, from Romania or from abroad. More details have yet to be released as to which vaccines will be accepted or the several options will be permissible.

However, Romania is not the only nation to change its travel restrictions for vaccinated visitors. More countries have also reconsider their restrictions for vaccinated tourists or residences in travel. It seems like we could be one step closer toward vaccine passports in a post-COVID world.

The idea of requiring vaccines for visitors is not new. Several countries in Africa, for instance, require proof that weather travelers have received a vaccine for yellow fever or not.

Questioning how all these evolving requirements and possible vaccine passports may impact your future travels? Be sure to check out the destination’s guidelines to be sure you are well informed on what you exactly need to have with you.