The Strangest Things the TSA Confiscated at U.S. Airports in 2020

To sum this report up, the list comprises a “dead shark” floating in a jar of liquid chemical preservative. So, stop reading if you have “wierdophobia.”

It’s not surprising when the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) of the US, banns things like drugs, explosives, and weapons. However, when it comes to a few items the agency picked up in 2020 we get shocked. Amongst them, was a dead shark in a jar of chemical preservative liquid.

Transportation Security Administration agents found the shark at Syracuse Hancock International Airport in New York, where a passenger was attempting to bring it through a security checkpoint. Let’s not bother with the “what they were thinking” phrase. Strangely, TSA had a problem not with the floating shark but with the chemical the shark was being preserved in.

The TSA clarified in a statement that “should someone carry a live fish with them on their flight, they are permitted to do so if the fish is swimming in water. Though the liquid has to undergo separate screening by a TSA officer before it is allowed to be carried through the checkpoint.”

Other items on the TSA’s 2020 list were things like marijuana stashed in shampoo bottles, a slingshot, a book containing hidden knives, a smoke grenade, and a love story.

Those are banned from any airport, universally. TSA officials have gone over these issues more than a thousand time a month and yet, there are always those smart or maybe dumb smugglers who think they could go around TSA high-security checkpoints.