Southwest Ditching Pandemic-era Policy

Southwest spokesperson announced that since the expectation for the normal boarding process is getting gradually important, this airline is returning to pre-COVID-19 boarding practices.

Although, Southwest Airlines is going to keep physical distancing cues in airport areas and supports social distancing.

Anyway, Southwest Airline started boarding passengers in groups of 30. This means that they increased the number of passengers allowed to get on the plane at once. Beforehand, the limited boarding groups for this airline was 10 people.

The minatory protections, however, remains as Southwest’s policy. The federal mask mandate requires Customers and Employees to wear face masks at all times throughout the airport, while boarding and deplaning, and onboard the aircraft.

As CDC says, wearing a face mask or covering is one of the most important tools for combatting the transmission of COVID-19 in a public setting. Thereby, Southwest assures its customers that they are in line with CDC’s recommendations.

Southwest Airlines says that “It’s important for us to get you to your destination on time, safely, and efficiently.” Therefore, they are expanding their boarding limitation while keeping it safe and sound.

Expanding boarding limitation is not the only practices Southwest Airlines has started to adopt. Other airlines like Delta is still blocking the middle seat on flights but Southwest has let go of this regulation as well.

On public transportation, all travellers must submit to the mandatory face masks, on plane and airports included. Furthermore, the Federal Aviation Administration extended its zero-tolerance policy for unruly passengers after airlines reported more than 500 disruptive incidents since late December. These incidents refer to passengers who refuse to wear a face mask.

With the vaccination going on, the limitations and regulations that took place the year before, are slowly being eliminated. Still, the danger is out there, and CDC insists on face-mask and social distancing in public places.