Rig-e Yalan Desert

Rig-e Yalan is a pristine and wonderful region home to the world’s highest dunes which measure up to 500 meters in height.

Rig-e Yalan is located at a point where three vast Iranian provinces, namely South Khorasan, Kerman, and Sistan-Balouchistan meet.

To many people, these dunes may seem no more than a visual attraction. However, off-road drivers and those interested in desert sports know that such sand dunes are invaluable as far as sports activities are concerned.

The climate of Rig-e Yalan, which is an international tourist spot, is such that only animals and camels can pass through it. If we stay there for a moment, we can hear the sounds of camel convoys passing by.

Travelpedia, a reputable international tourist website, has introduced Rig-e Yalan as one of 12 exciting tourist spots in the world and says traveling to this place amounts to traveling to space.