The “Mosque of Rome” Has Both Tradition and Modern

Mosques are considered as the most important religious, historical, and cultural places for the Muslim nation, the Mosque of Rome is considered as one of them.

Many Muslims live all over the world. In this regard, the existence of many mosques as important and influential bases in the Islamic school and culture in the world has not been and is not strange.

Rome is the largest city and capital of Italy. The city is world-famous for being the center of the rule of the ancient Roman empires and has been known as the center of power and religion for thousands of years. The Mosque of Rome on the other hand is quite a different aspect of the city or Caesars.

The Parioli region is located in the north of Rome and is a residential area; Also, the residents of this area do not spend much time reaching the city center. The Mosque of Rome, located in the Parioli region, is also known as the largest mosque in the Western world.

Since European mosques have an important role in the tendency of Europeans to Islam, we can also mention the more prominent role of the Roman mosque in this regard, which is one of the other features of this mosque.

In addition to being the largest mosque in the Western world, this mosque also bears the title of “Islamic Cultural Center” of Italy. The Mosque of Rome is one of the largest buildings built in recent decades in Italy, whose fame and fame have surpassed that of Italy.

One of the characteristics of this religious place is that a smaller percentage of the Muslim population lives there. In addition to being a place of religious activity, the Mosque of Rome provides cultural and social services that connect Muslims.

The 30,000-square-meter Mosque of Rome, which has a special spiritual space, also hosts programs such as educational programs, weddings, funerals, commentary classes, exhibitions, conferences, and other events.

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