Tourism and Culture Are the Elements of Shiraz

In an interview with the reporters, Reza Mohammadian said: “One of the most important issues that can be introduced as Shiraz as a world city is the existence of Tourism and Culture atmosphere in buildings that exist in this city and province, so we can use the existing potentials.

He added: “The most important issue in the field of Tourism and Culture is the issue of paying attention to the infrastructure that exists in the field of tourism, so the municipality and the city council can provide the necessary ground for tourism development in Shiraz as one of the custodians of this sector.” In the fourth term of the Islamic Council of Shiraz, the plan that was approved is the subject of supporting tourists and tourist buildings in the city of Shiraz.

Mohammadian added: “This plan, which was approved and implemented in the fourth term of the Islamic Council of Shiraz, was not pursued in the fifth term, and in this period we did not see the support of the municipality and the Islamic Council of Shiraz for Tourism and Culture units.

Shiraz City Council or Municipality complained because this area may not have been a priority in this council. It should be noted that in the fourth council, the issue of supporting residences and activating Tourism and Culture with passages such as the Sang-e Siyah has been one of the achievements of this council.

Mohammadian further emphasized: One of the issues that are important in the issue of municipalities is the issue of the position of individuals in urban management and this task is the responsibility of the Islamic Council and the mayor of Shiraz, so if the city council is powerful, we can hope for a strong municipality. And based on two solid principles of Tourism and Culture, there is hope that capable and powerful middle managers will work in Shiraz Municipality.

Shiraz 15 Ordi-Behesht 1400; May 5th 2021