Hotel Marketing

Travelers are starting to hit the road again as millions are vaccinated against COVID-19 and are feeling more comfortable about taking long-overdue vacations, with one of the biggest segments of the vaccinated population being senior citizens. To help bring this segment of guests back, hotels are creating promotions and offering discounts.

“With so many older Americans being vaccinated, hotels are offering to innovative partnerships that create trust; COVID-friendly destinations, from golf to the beach, have been putting together promotions and campaigns,” said Kate Burda, CEO, and founder of Kate Burda & Co., a firm which specializes in revenue management and marketing for the luxury hospitality industry.

She cited AARP research, which states that 54% of boomers are planning trips in 2021 and are eager to travel.

Hotels are now targeting those 55 and up through social media and partnering with AAA mostly and some with AARP, Tim Dick, executive vice president with CBRE Hotel Advisory and Asset Management, said. These include offering discounted advance purchase rates, packages that include educational tours and excursions to local sites and venues, food credits where in-house restaurants are operating, discounted spa packages, and partnering with local retailers for discounts.

“With this increase in travel among older Americans, hotels are implementing elemental initiatives to bring travelers back safely,” said Dorothy Dowling, senior vice president, and chief marketing officer of Best Western Hotels & Resorts.